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Skin Care


While still remaining true to our holistic roots, we have chosen to work with the Moor Spa Skincare Line, based on the wonderful, revitalizing, purifying and nutrient-rich properties of the unique 10,000 year old Austrian Deep Moor Essence.


All Moor products are 100% naturally sourced ingredients, free of synthetic preservatives, parabens, sulfates, artificial colours, synthetic fragrances and petroleum-derived chemicals such as PEG, propylene glycol or mineral oil. Every product has a 100% Natural Source guarantee and all are now packaged in beautiful biodegradable containers

Facial Treatment

House of PLLA+ aka HOP+, an upgraded version of what's formerly known as Sculplla H2! HOP+ specifically designed for the North American market with a higher percentage of active ingredients yet with the most clean ingredients! The line uses plla (poly-l-lactic acid) to stimulate your skin to make its own collagen, resulting in firmer, tighter, plumper and smoother skin appearance

Uses "plla" (poly-l-lactic acid) to stimulate your skin to make its own collagen, resulting in firmer, tighter, plumper and smoother skin appearance!

▸ Sculplla +H2 Stem Cell Mist
▸ CaviPLLA +O2 Premium Caviar +O2 Multi-Serum
▸ HOP+ Promoter Repair Eye Cream (great on lips too!)
▸ Sculplla H2 Repair Sun Cushion with broad spectrum SPF50
(Can also be used as a BB cream)


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What are the benefits of a regular facial?

Facials are an important way to support and enhance the body with its natural skin maintenance and rejuvenation cycle, and keeps skin hydrated and regenerated.  The benefits are:

  • increased blood circulation under the skin

  • decreased waste under the skin that can cause puffiness and fluid accumulation

  • reduced fine lines. relieves dehydrated skin, and promotes collagen production which reduces premature aging, wrinkles and sagging

  • cleanses pores on a deeper level as extractions help to keep the skin clear and stop acne formation

  • supports an even skin tone and lightens dark spots

  • reduces and slows down the effects of aging allowing the skin the feel healthier, smoother and look for radiant

  • you get to relax and enjoy a great stress release and leave with great skin - what more could one ask?
















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